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Professional medical transcription services in White Plains, NYProfessional medical transcription services in White Plains, NY

Accurate Medical & Professional Transcription Services in White Plains, NY

Turn to Transcription Solutions for fast, accurate medical transcription and digital archiving services. Our team serves the entire country and can accept your dictation in any format. All of our services are 100% compliant with the latest HIPAA HITECH standards, ensuring that your digital archiving and retrieval needs are met and compliant with all safety and security standards. NO CONTRACT. No set-up fee. Audio and documents are stored on a secure server for seven years, as required by law.

Professionals, small businesses, marketing firms, and investigators trust us to transcribe their content and keep it safe. Fast turnaround from skilled, accurate transcriptionists ensures your satisfaction, and the lowest rates in the industry protect your bottom line. Increase your office efficiency while reducing your overhead when you count on our transcription services in White Plains, NY.

Transcription services in White Plains, NY, that you can count onTranscription services in White Plains, NY, that you can count on

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Reliable Transcription Services

Keep your records up to date with the help of our transcription services in White Plains, NY.  Through these services, our team is able to take your audio files and transcribe them into accurate electronic records. This frees up your time to focus on more important tasks. Plus, by having Transcription Solutions handle your transcriptions, you have peace of mind that your records are error-free.

Protecting Patient Records

With our HIPPA HITECH-compliant services, you can rest assured that your patient’s electronic medical records are kept safe and secured. Additionally, when we transcribe medical recordings, our team will ensure that patient data is accurately entered into your EMR database. This gives you peace of mind that when you pull up patient information, you are getting an accurate history and the correct medical data.

For other professions, such as lawyers and private investigators, our team uses the same due diligence to ensure that your company and client’s private data is secured at all times. This is why taking advantage of the area’s best audio transcription service is such a good idea for your business.


Thank you for your interest. Contact us when you need accurate transcriptions of your audio files. We proudly serve White Plains, NY, and the surrounding areas.

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